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Generators for Commercial Use

Generator Logic has designed sets for various commercial clients where power outages can have serious financial implications due to the nature of their business. One just has to consider the substantial losses that could be suffered in the food logistics industry where perishables are stored in bulk refrigerated warehouses for central distribution. Extended power outages that cause temperature variances of as little as three of four degrees celcius will see entire stocks dumped.

The printing industry is another area where Generator Logic has special expertise. When it comes to high volume, deadline-driven printing of books, catalogues, annual reports, newspapers, directories and magazines, any break in the print run can have catastrophic consequences, not only disappointing customers who need material on deadline, but also wreaking havoc with the subsequent work and job flow.

The leisure and hospitality industry is a segment of the market where Generator Logic has a firm understanding of the needed requirements. Whether it be a Five Star Hotel in a CBD or a remote guest lodge in the African wilderness neither can afford to be without power. In the event of no power guests are unable to shower in hot water, kitchens cannot function and hotel operations cannot be performed. This situation can either ruin an experience or result in clients never frequenting the establishment ever again.

Let Generator Logic put the power in your hands. Contact them to discuss your unique needs and requirements.

Factors to consider when choosing your power solution

  • Do you require only specific equipment to function in the event of a power outage?
  • Which systems are critical to ensure your business continues operating?
  • Do you require automatic mains failure switchgear or can the genset be turned on manually?
  • Do you have the space required to install your genset?
  • Do you require sound attenuation or special exhaust systems?

All Generator Logic generator sets are designed and built in compliance with European Standards of Acceptable Noise and Emission levels.

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