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Customised Generator Sets

Generator Logic offers a specialized 'truck build' solution for clients that need power on the move, such as the international film and broadcasting industry. After establishing an enviable reputation in the film industry with its super-silent generators, Generator Logic has invested heavily into developing customised power solutions for a broad range of industries.

In certain instances specialised and custom builds are required to meet the exact demands of the clients. Certain vehicles must be customised with a generator set in order to meet the demands of the terrain as often times these vehicles are the only ones that are able to provide power on these demanding locations.

One such example was the Land Rover that was customised for the filming of a James Bond movie in Greenland. The client needed a super-silent generator set that could be fitted onto a Land Rover without having to modify the vehicle. The schedule was tight and the terrain difficult. The client literally needed the generator set to land there and be ready to work with as little hassle as possible. It also needed to be compact and transport-friendly due to the logistical difficulties in terms of getting to the film set. We designed the 40kva set locally, manufactured it and had it air-freighted to Greenland where it was immediately fitted to the vehicle and ready to work. The set more than fulfilled the client's requirements and it is this ability to customize equipment that it is gaining us tremendous recognition in the industry. This is the smallest 40kva sound-proof generator set ever designed to fit on a Land Rover without having to modify the vehicle".

Factors to consider when choosing your power solution

  • The application, terrain, accessibility and load required will determine the level of customisation required.

All Generator Logic generator sets are designed and built in compliance with European Standards of Acceptable Noise and Emission levels.

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