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Generator Maintenance

Generator Logic has a network of maintenance support spanning the African continent. The company's local service division is comprehensively trained in maintenance of Generator Logic products. The fact that Generator Logic designed and built the solution means that our technicians are best qualified to ensure our products have optimal performance.

We provide warranty programs, parts and service on all our equipment locally. After sales support is provided throughout Africa. Our local manufacturing capabilities power solutions can be custom-built, offer the best cost versus performance ratios. Parts and servicing are easily accessible countrywide, meaning no downtime, loss of man-hours or profit.


Generator Logic can provide a portion of or alternatively cater for all of your operating and maintenance needs. Generator Logic will ensure that trained services technicians see to the maintenance and that all replacement parts are as per OEM specifications.

Generator Logic recommends that you perform the following checks on a regular basis.

Regular Checks:

  • Cooling system

When checking the cooling system, the radiator, hoses, connections and belts are assessed to ensure they are all in the correct positions and operating under the correct conditions. Fluid levels and general conditions are also inspected.

  • Aspiration system

The aspiration system is checked to ensure that there are no holes, blockages, leaks or loose connections in the air intake system

  • Fuel system

Checking the fuel system ensures that the diesel level is correct and that the fuel pump is in good working condition

  • Exhaust system

Ensuring that the exhaust system is maintained correctly means that leaks and restrictions are checked for and that all components are tightly fastened.

  • Electrical system

Special care should be taken when working with the electric system and should be conducted by a trained technician or electrician. Battery charge should be checked and recharged should they not be at their recommended working levels.

  • Annual and Quarterly Maintenance Checks

As part of the annual maintenance it is advised that all oil, spark plugs and filters be replaced.

  • Stationary Engine Check

When the engine is not operational the entire electrical system should be checked carefully to ensure all wiring is in tact and not exposed. Oil and radiator levels should be checked along with any leaks holes or loose connections.

  • Fuel system

The fuel system must be checked to ensure no rust, corrosion, leaks or sediment is present. The governor should also be checked to ensure its working under the correct conditions. The general condition of the tank should be inspected for any irregularities along with external fuel storage facilities.

  • Cooling system (check only)

The cooling system should be drained and topped up with antifreeze annually. The radiator cap (pressure release function), and all leaks, hoses, belts and tensions should be checked.

  • Intake and exhaust

The aspiration system is checked to ensure that there are no holes, blockages, leaks or loose connections in the air intake system. The air cleaner, muffler and traps should also be checked. The breather flex pipe and rain cap should all be checked to ensure that they are also working correctly and have not perished or cracked.

  • Generator

The diodes, end bearing, brushes, A.C. wiring, exciter stator, overspeed switch and breakers should all be checked to ensure that the generator is working correctly

Breaker controls such as the voltage regulator, wiring relays, monitors and bulbs should also be assessed.

  • Transfer switch

Time delays should be checked and adjusted or reset if necessary.

  • Engine running

The generator must also be tested in an operational state where the A.C. output should be recorded along with the frequency and amps under load. This should be conducted by a person that has received the appropriate training from Generator Logic

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